Being Slow To Anger

Anger is something that I can so easily jump into almost instantly when something goes wrong. It's so easy to be angry at the kids when they do something you tell him not to do. Maybe something happens at work and you get mad. Of course, traffic certainly is a trigger for anger for many (myself included).

One important thing to point out is that not all anger is bad. Anger is an emotion that God gave us. Jesus even displayed a righteous anger in the temple when the money changers were cheating the people. James understood that there will be times where we get angry, but his words of caution to be “slow to anger” are wise words to follow.

"Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry." - James 1:19

Whenever you find yourself with anger boiling up inside, reflect on James 1:19-20 and take the time to stop, step back, evaluate the situation and form a proper response before you let your words and actions cause you to sin.

We live in a fallen world. This isn’t paradise yet. So there will always be something or someone in the world that could be a source of our anger. But remember: Jesus didn’t display “man’s anger” but the righteous indignation of God. Let us go and do likewise.

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