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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask prayers for Rachel faith, perdon and salvation, for her needs... help us remarry and find job, help us with finances and house. HUWLAF, HUHCAHUHGJ, MTSBI, HUWC, MPBU, HUWR, HUT, HUH, PBUF, MAAFASR, MPBUFAP, MAP, HUNPPAODT, HUWS, HUNBA, MTSWI, MTGMCAK, HUWQAS, B, CLC, F, A, LPDLA, MDLB, LB,C, L ltCV, G, G, M, SDF, M/H, A, J, R, M, BVSB, PDLL, S, SE, M, B, MDA , D, S, T, L, C, PDHG, AS, M, L, V, T, E, B, T, EV, P, B, P, B, T, C, N, L, R, M, C, L, M, G, G, CC, IBG, SLST, C, VSB, ULIS , L, MGPQISTSA, B, LC, MWHP, EP, CQODPAT, C, C, R, SB, G, S, G, T, TWC, H/M, V, D, B, S, D, P, LP, LC, S, C, CF, T, JM, B, P, M , A, G, A, B, P, L, R , L, RN, I, C, C? E, C, B, , FLA, HUHDABA, D, EP, AVS, O,Q, S,C,FES, C, A, B, A, NLLA, P, C, A, A, C, B, IDE, V, N, PV, M, F, VNB, YG, O, D, M, C, UQDLC, LL, S, G, SG, I, P, SG, MD, P, GC, MFR, J, P, C, T, L, E , I, M, D, B, A, O JC, JT, E, I, L, E, MB, M, S, A, R, FH, M, J, T, E, C, PF, T, E, N, M, P, B, M, B, E, CN, S, G, B, T, P, LRSY, I, MPBUF, V, B, F, C, J, PDHG, PE, M, MSS, F, B, F, I, B, PE, MDB, V, S, L, J, Ln LMG , CQVP, LRSY, EPENB, P, ADD, W, B, P, H/M, C, S, G, P, A, T, M , O, I, C/L, T, M, ES, CSC, EM, RE, CEM, ID, MTSPM, GDJM, C, E, A, C, P, I , S, L, HUWC, AECM, ASH, I, A, WU, NDP, R, L, B, DDEC, ITB, O, E? O, A, V, JM, B, G, M, M, B, T, L, T, S, F, R, J, M, N , HUNMD, HUWSAF, HUWN, HUWN, HUWH, HUWSGURDA, MTS, HUWA, MTR, HUWC, Y, P, M, A, CA M, LP, P, F, P, P, E, A, P, EU, EP, V, DS? R, C, L,
By baptiste
Received: May 28, 2023
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“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ”

Isaiah 41:10
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