KCBI is coming to Waco!

KCBI has been a beacon of hope and faith for nearly 48 years, broadcasting the love of Jesus throughout Dallas, Ft Worth, and the surrounding Metroplex communities. Our journey has been remarkable, reaching listeners in over 135 countries through our online stream. Yet, we believe that broadcast radio remains a vital medium for sharing the Gospel and making a local impact, day and night.

Inspired by the words of Jesus in Acts 1:8, KCBI is excited to announce a significant expansion of our ministry. Within the next year, we will launch a new radio station serving the entire Waco to Temple region of Central Texas. This marks a significant step in our mission to spread Encouraging Music and Words of Hope from the Bible to a broader audience.

Our new station will be a unique addition to the Waco/Temple area, blending Contemporary Christian Music with insightful Bible teachings. This combination, which has profoundly impacted lives in DFW, will now extend to over 550,000 more people in Central Texas. We believe this expansion will significantly influence listeners' lives and the community, just as we've experienced in DFW.

This venture aligns with our understanding of the directive in Acts. It underscores our commitment to regional expansion, starting from DFW to neighboring communities, with Waco/Temple being the next logical step. This is a focused and strategic growth, rooted deeply in our Texas heritage.

Launching this new station comes with a considerable investment of around $1.6 million. When you support KCBI, you become an integral part of this exciting journey. As we approach the end of the year, we invite you to consider contributing to this dream, helping us turn it into a reality.

Together, let's embrace this rare opportunity to make a significant difference in Central Texas and beyond!

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