Grand Prairie Man Loses Dog And Hope, Then...

A man and his dog.  When Bubba Nulisch was hospitalized with a bacterial infection, doctors had to put him in a coma to save his life. But Bubba was sad, “I didn’t want to be woke up if he wasn’t there."

While he was in the hospital, Bubba learned that his dog, 4-year-old Bullet, had run away from his home in Grand Prairie. “I knew he was out there, and I couldn’t see him or touch him or find him,” he said. “It was heartbreaking.”

Bubba was a long-haul truck driver. Health issues forced him to retire and because he could no longer work, and he fell into a deep depression until he adopted his pup, “Until Bullet came along. It just seemed like everything changed. He gave me a little joy and hope.”

So, when Bullet turned up missing, Bubba posted a desperate plea on Facebook.

That cry for help made its way to Kim Joppie, of Dallas who saw Bubba's post and thought, “He was in a rehabilitation hospital. He had no way to go reclaim his pup, so he needed an angel.” So Kim became that angel, and reunited Bubba and Bullet.

Bubba says he not only got his dog back, it renewed his faith in humanity, “There’s a lot of kind people left in the world that are willing to help."

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