KCBI Prison Radio Ministry

Isolation and lack of community is a growing problem in this world. Just imagine how it’s affecting prisoners in high security prisons! Many are on death row, alone and facing their last opportunities to know Jesus.

While they may be isolated from the digital world, there's a lifeline still available to them: radio. Radios are not just devices; they can be windows to hope, sources of daily biblical teachings, and avenues for soul-stirring worship.

Hebrews 13:3 urges us, “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners.” KCBI has not only taken this message to heart but has amplified its significance. We're not just supporting prisoners from the outside; we're establishing radio stations from within prison walls, fostering a direct line of ministry.

With a vision to inaugurate four radio stations across Texas, we're already halfway there, with two stations well underway. But it’s not just about setting up equipment. Our dedicated team will provide training and ensure inmates have access to unparalleled biblical teachings and uplifting worship. More than just broadcasting KCBI's message, we're empowering inmates to be a beacon of hope for their peers, uplifting, praying for, and guiding each other through their unique experiences.

This initiative embodies the essence of Jesus' teachings, emphasizing visiting those incarcerated and bringing them closer to God. As we unite in prayer and serve together, we are truly embodying the spirit of one community of believers.

Join us in this mission, where radio waves become bridges of faith, hope, and redemption.

Equipment & Installation

For every prison unit we collaborate with, KCBI ensures they're equipped with everything needed to launch and maintain a radio station, from antennas to top-notch microphones that relay every nuance of the speaker's voice. The computers and software we provide are tailored for easy operation, ensuring even those unfamiliar with broadcasting can be brought up to speed in no time.

But equipment is just the beginning. It's the passion and spirit of those behind the microphone that truly make a difference. We're proud to provide the tools, laying the groundwork for stories of hope, faith, and redemption to air.

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Training & Ministry

Radio isn't just about broadcasting; it's about connecting. And inside prison walls, where the community and its challenges are unique, it’s crucial that this connection feels personal and deeply relatable. Rather than simply rebroadcasting our own station, KCBI takes a different approach. We identify and nurture talent from within the inmate population, selecting DJs who can communicate peer-to-peer, understanding and addressing the specific needs, hopes, and struggles of their listeners. With this initiative, the voice on the radio is not a distant broadcaster but a fellow inmate, resonating with authenticity and shared experience.

KCBI's team of professionals delves deep, teaching not only the technical aspects of broadcasting but also the nuances of effective communication and the heart of ministry. Our training ensures these DJs don’t just play music or relay messages; they become storytellers, counselors, and ministers to their community from behind the mic.


Setting up these stations will require a significant investment of resources and time. Would you give a special gift right now to help us get these stations up and running? Your generous gift will help us towards this goal of reaching nearly 12,000 inmates with God’s timeless Word each and every day.

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