Annie the 20-year-old Lab!

Many people around the world have heard about Annie. She's a Labrador who, at 19-years-old, was given up at a Dallas shelter.

When best friends Lauren and Lisa first spotted Annie, she was on an Instagram account that shares information about dogs at Dallas Animal Services in desperate need of help. And Annie was desperate, not eating, barely walking, and given only a month to live.

So Lauren and Lisa adopted her and started a "Bucket-list" for Annie. You can see some of that in this video from WFAA-TV.


 Annie's post have garnered millions of views, and the old girl celebrated her 20th birthday last Saturday, living a year longer than expected.

“She was with all the people who loved her. She was celebrated. She greeted every dog that came to her party, and then her body decided she was done,” Lauren wrote on Instagram. “I can’t help but think as she looked at me with her head in my lap that she was telling me, see I told you I could hang on for a year!”

Lauren expressed thanks to the millions of people who followed their story and shared in their journey.

“The best way to honor Annie is to foster or adopt a senior dog. Trust me. You won’t forget it,” she said.

Annie celebrates 20-years! Photo credit: Lauren Siler

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