A Texas favorite is now the #2 soda in America!

What's America's #2 favorite soda? It's Dr Pepper! According to The Wall Street Journal, Dr Pepper has soared to the top of the list, becoming the country's second most popular soda, tied in the No. 2 slot with Pepsi. 

Pepsi had managed to sit at the No. 2 position alone for decades before having to make room for Dr Pepper. And if you haven't guessed already, sitting comfortably at No. 1 on the list is Coca-Cola. Back in 2004, Dr. Pepper was tied with Sprite in SIXTH place.

"The regular versions of Pepsi and Dr Pepper are neck and neck in a spot that Pepsi has held nearly every year for the past four decades, according to sales-volume data from Beverage Digest," The Wall Street Journal reports.

If you don't know, Dr. Pepper is one of the oldest soda brands . . . older than BOTH Coca-Cola and Pepsi. It was invented in 1885 in Waco, Texas by Charles Alderton, a pharmacist and soda-fountain operator. His syrup concoction combined 23 flavors, including cherry and vanilla, along with other fruits and spices.

Look out Coke! Here's comes the Dr!

Listen to Texas' own Dr Pepper is now the #2 soda in America!

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