20 things that make people feel good.

A Babybel poll of 2,000 adults revealed the top 20 things that make us feel good—with a good night’s sleep and a sunny blue sky coming in at number one and two. 45 percent said a nice compliment is guaranteed to boost their mood, while laughing until tears flowed also scored high. The average respondent experiences these uplifting moments three times a day and claims that, in a typical week, they feel good about their day four times out of seven.

But, some are finding it increasingly hard to be happy. In fact, 83% said they proactively avoid negative stories on social media and TV due to it leaving them feeling ‘emotionally drained’.

68 percent of those polled believe happiness is infectious, and as a result, over a third say they often or always go out of their way to spread a bit of positivity. But, oddly, according to the OnePoll results, just 24 percent actively set aside time on a regular basis to do things that make themselves happy.

“Doing things to make others happy also has the benefit of making us happy as well, making it a really positive circle of behavior,” the Babybel spokesperson added. “And many of the things on our top 20 list of happiness-makers come at absolutely no cost at all.”

“We all need a boost from time-to-time and feeling good goes hand in hand with doing good, which is why we wanted to spread positivity through this activation.”

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In the meantime, here's the Top 20 Things That Make You Feel Good!

1. A good night’s sleep
2. A sunny blue sky (Not many of those in London. Also, see #3)
3. Summer
4. Receiving a compliment or praise
5. Booking a holiday (The poll was conducted in London)
6. Crying with laughter
7. Getting a quiet moment to yourself
8. Eating your favorite snack
9. Pets being happy to see you
10. Looking back at old photographs
11. Finishing a great book
12. Helping an elderly person with something
13. Finishing a workout
14. Hearing children really belly-laughing
15. Finding a parking space when it’s busy
16. A newly-cleaned car
17. When your football or other sports team wins (How 'Bout Those Cowboys!?)
18. A heart-to-heart with a loved one
19. Volunteering or helping others... you can volunteer with us here: https://kcbi.org/serve
20. Finding out your children have done well at school

But if you want a lasting happiness, here are over 100 Bible verses that can help you find that joy in God: https://www.openbible.info/top...

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