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Do you know those “overly optimistic people” who are always smiling and just have to speak to everyone? I hope they don’t annoy you because I am “they!” I’ve been told that I live up to the name “Sonny” which I take as a major compliment. In fact, my wife Nicole calls me a boy-scout for always trying to help others, which is ironic because multiple people have thanked me for some act of kindness that she did! Our daughter Simone encouraged us to move to DFW after she relocated here in 2019, and my brother in-law is an educator in the Metroplex, so when the opportunity to work at 90.9 KCBI became available, we knew it was from God.

I hope when you tune in to the afternoon show that you will hear encouragement, that you will hear joy, and that you will hear how much our God loves you!

In fact, let’s make the answer to, “Who makes your afternoons Sunny (Sonny)? ” be 90.9 KCBI!

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