Your dollar bill could be worth thousands!

If you have a dollar bill, look at it closely because it could be worth up to $150,000! In November 2014, the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing sent a request to its Washington DC facility to print a batch of dollar bills. In July 2016, the exact same request was sent to the Fort Worth facility, meaning dollar bills were printed at both facilities with the same serial numbers. Does that mean you in DFW have a better chance to find some of these bills? Could be!

Here's where it gets even crazier. Neither misprint was caught by the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and now currency collectors are scrambling to find matching pairs of dollar bills with these same exact serial numbers. In total, there are 6.4 million pairs of $1 bills with matching serial numbers. While that may seem like a lot, billions of dollars are in circulation, and to date, only nine pairs have been matched.

This is what to look for:

If you have one of these $1 bills, you are 1/2 way to possible riches, BUT you have to find the matching bill. There's a website that can help you find the other bill, you can click here for that.

You can read more on this treasure hunt here.

Happy Hunting!

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