You Can Always Be Kind

Sometimes it can feel really difficult to make a change in the world but you can always be kind. James Warren was walking in his Denver neighborhood when something gave him pause. "A woman was waiting for the bus, sitting in the dirt. And I was like, 'Oh man, that sucks.' That's not dignified at all. We need to be doing better by our fellow city members." And so, he thought, 'I could do something about that, I can build a bench.'" That moment led him on a mission to help his community. So he went home built one and put it at the bus stop. Since then he has built built more benches and he puts a message on every single one of them that simply says, "Be Kind". He posted about it and now other people are sending him pictures of benches they have built and are now putting them up at their own bus stops. Even when we think we can't make a difference, kindness goes a long way on it's own. The Bible tells us to be kind to one another because of the sole reason that Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Father is kind to us. He has commanded us to "be kind, compassionate, and forgiving" through the words of Paul (Ephesians 4:32). Therefore, it is our duty, as Christians, to follow.

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