Who is responsible for damage from trees in a storm?

Many people will be cleaning up after Tuesday's storms for awhile, and some will be without power until Saturday. If you are without power there are places you can go in Dallas. Please click HERE for more info.

I also found this info on NBC5, if you have suffered damage from fallen trees, you may file an insurance claim to cover the damage.

Before moving a tree or limbs and if it’s safe to do so, take photos and videos of damage. Make emergency repairs to prevent more damage. For example, you may need to cover a broken window to keep rain out. Save receipts for out-of-pocket costs.

Texas Department of Insurance Spokesperson Ben Gonzalez about common insurance questions after severe storms topple trees. Generally, if a tree that doesn’t belong to you falls on your vehicle or home, the TDI said the person with the damage should contact their insurance provider.

“You'd call your insurance company to make a claim. Your neighbor is probably not going to be at fault for an act of nature,” Gonzalez said.

If you have a general insurance-related question after a storm, you can try the TDI consumer helpline by phone at 800-252-3439 or on the web at tdi.texas.gov.

For more information on storm damage and how to find help, you can click HELP

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