When your cup runneth empty

I saw something on social media that caught my attention. It was one of those inspirational Instagram graphics people post...

It said, You can't pour from an empty cup.”

Point being: If you want to take care of others...you first need to take care of yourself.

There is a ring of truth in that, for sure. Self-care is crucial. Let's be clear about that. 

The problem still persists, however. When you’re a mom who is drained and your kids still need breakfast and to be sent out the door in time for school – your cup is empty.

If you suddenly get “downsized” in your job 3 weeks after you bought a new house – your cup just got emptied.

Sometimes, LIFE ITSELF empties the cup of our own strength -- and the truth is that's often the best place for us to be.

When I'm at my emptiest, I then have the chance to be filled to the brim with the strength that only comes from Jesus. 

I cannot really rely on myself at all. I can rely on Him.

That is infinitely better.

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