When you are overcome by stress, try this...

For some of us, the scars of life make it hard to forgive and have peace, and if that’s you, I hope what helped me helps you too.

When anger comes, let it get your full attention for a moment, but then even more quickly, let it go. The time you spend being resentful is time you will never get back. The energy you devote to it, to frustration, creates nothing of value in your life. When you give in to rage, you give up control. 

I don’t know what’s hurt you, but whatever it is, don’t give it the power to dominate you. Step back, take a breath, and remember that your temporary outrage does not define you. God does. Feel God’s goodness, know your value in Him, and allow His peace to be your peace. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

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