When the encourager needs encouraging.

Many people are leaning on God’s goodness to pull them through tough times, including my family. My older sister Carol is fighting for her life and my niece Danielle is beyond overwhelmed, I told her it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to yell at God, He can take it. And of course it’s okay to be concerned for her mothers health, but when she’s feels like she can’t take it anymore, that’s the enemy. He wants you to doubt. I told her "God has not given you that spirit of fear, but of power to overcome that stress, love to overcome that anger, and a sound mind to believe what you believe, that God is the Great Physician and He can bring healing!" 

I pray that encourages my niece, I pray it encourages you too if you’re going through a storm, and may I be honest, I am also holding on to that for myself…

The Delfyette's! Me, our sister Carol, and younger sister Sonya!

Listen to Our God Is Good...Even When Life Isn't

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