We Don't Need To Fear The Future

When it comes to thinking about our future and what changes will occur, we ultimately have to realize that we really don't know what the future holds. The best we can ever do is ask the Lord, count the cost, and to make sure that we know what we're walking into so we can move forward in confidence.

Often, we tend to think of God's will has this two-lane highway where one way is the right way and the other way is the wrong way. However, God's will is actually very wide for you because in most cases, there really isn't a wrong way. It's simply left or right and the reality is that we should choose which option honors God the most. God cares a whole lot more about who you are rather than what you do because the primary calling on your life is to glorify God. You can do that washing dishes, driving a big rig, working concessions in a movie theatre; anywhere. We can glorify God wherever we are at.

If you are finding yourself at a crossroads of a really difficult decision, I want you to do everything in your power to make the best decision possible: praying about it, ask people in your inner circle who know you really well and know your history, and then move forward confidently in whatever decision you make. Don't you ever forget that your primary calling in your life isn't to do a specific action or this specific job, it's to glorify God wherever you go.

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