Waxahachie Bakery Helps Competitor.

Some competitors will look to take advantage when the other falls on hard times, but not in Waxahachie where Creations Baking Company and Bittersweet Bakery are going a different route.

When Angel Schiffer, who owns Bittersweet Bakery, heard that Deanna Underhill, who owns Creations, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, she planned a fundraiser immediately, raising $3,000 dollars for Underhill. That's on top of the thousands raised on Underhill's GoFundMe page.

Both bakeries are owned by mother-daughter duos and Deanna’s daughter, Mistie, said she and her mother have tremendous faith Deanna will live. "We’ve seen miracles so you can't tell me they’re not real," Mistie told WFAA. Mistie and Danna believe the kindness they’ve received this week only strengthened their faith in God and in the goodness of people.

"I knew there were good people, but oh my, oh my…it's just amazing," Deanna said. "It just kind of breaks your heart you didn’t realize how great everyone was around you."

Joining the chorus of prayers for Deanna's complete healing and comfort.

Listen to Waxahachie Rallies Around Bakery Owner

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