TX Winter Weather Resources

KCBI has compiled cold weather resources and information to help you stay informed and prepared for the upcoming winter weather in Texas. Check out the latest updates below!

ERCOT Energy Conservation: Please be aware that ERCOT has issued an energy conservation notice asking Texans to conserve energy tomorrow morning due to increased demand caused by sub-freezing temperatures. We urge you to follow their guidelines to help maintain the stability of the electric grid.

School Closings & Delays 

As the winter storm approaches, please stay tuned for updates on school closings and delays in North Texas. You can find the most current information on WFAA's Closings Page.

Church Activities on Martin Luther King Day (Monday, 1/15): Please note that some church activities on Martin Luther King Day may be canceled due to the winter weather. Stay informed about any cancellations by checking with your local church.

Shelters & Warming Stations 

In case of emergency, there are several resources available for shelter and warmth:

For updates as things progress and for location-specific rules, please refer to the City of Lewisville website.

Road & Flight Conditions 

For your safety, please consider the following information:

Heat your Home Safely 

To reduce the risk of heating-related fires, consider the following safety tips:

Staying Safe During Winter Weather 

Remember to stay safe and look out for one another during winter weather:

Additionally, Texas Baptist Men is offering hot meals for the homeless and vulnerable this Saturday, 1/13, Sunday, 1/14, and Monday, 1/15, at Fair Park in Dallas. Please pray for those impacted and for the volunteers who are serving them. Learn more at Texas Baptist Men.

Stay safe and prepared during the winter weather conditions in Texas. We will continue to update this information as needed to keep you informed.

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