Two Teams Battled and then Prayed!

Last Friday saw a brutal high school football battle between Caddo Mills and Bullard where two Caddo Mills players were airlifted to the hospital. But then...

Caddo Mills Superintendent Luke Allison Posted:  Wow, what a night! I have never been more proud to be part of Caddo Mills than today. As I reflect on last night, we witnessed a horrific situation turn into a miracle! If you don’t already know, we had two student athletes airlifted from our 50 yard line during the third quarter, one with possible internal injuries and one with a possible spine injury. This was a terrifying sight for everyone. Young kids, older kids, parents, fans, teachers, medical staff and administrators were all in disbelief of what we were witnessing at a high school football game. I have been to a football game every Friday night since I was five years old and have never seen anything close. Due to injuries, we suspended the game in the 3rd quarter. What transpired next was the most inspiring thing I have ever seen. Out of care, our fans stayed. Bullard fans stayed. Our fans unified and said the Lord's Prayer as one. Students prayed silently on their own. Coach Crane pulled Bullard players and our players together and they prayed as one. We saw God working! HE reminded us that in the midst of chaos, HE is in control! I am happy to report that both boys were released early this morning. No internal injuries and no spinal damage. We all witnessed a miracle and the power of people coming together to pray. There is no other explanation! In addition, we had another student taken to the hospital, by parents, last night during the game. That young man has been released as well, and we are hearing great things. Keep our kids and community in your prayers.

All three injured players have since been cleared to play again. 

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