There's Still a Lot of 2024 Left for Resolutions

Kimberly Graber from the YMCA shared some wisdom on NBC Five about New Years Resolutions.

Her simple advice: Be kind to yourself. If you stumble or have a bad day, it's okay. We're often our harshest critics, forgetting to extend the same compassion we offer others.

Graber encourages us not to give up too soon. A setback doesn't define your journey; it's part of the process. Resolutions are long-term commitments, and a rough day doesn't erase your progress.

Let's normalize this: It's okay to have not just one but even 10 bad days. Life is unpredictable, but each day is a chance to recommit to your goals.

So, as you navigate your resolutions, remember to be kind, stay resilient, and embrace the imperfect journey ahead. There's plenty of time left to make 2024 your year of growth.

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