The Reason Why Jesus Chose You

Everything you need to understand just how much Jesus loves you, you learned in third grade English because it's around third grade when you start structuring sentences. For instance, you have a subject and you have a predicate. The subject does the action and the direct object receives the action. Also, when you're talking about a verb, which is an action word, you're talking about the active voice or the passive voice.

So an example of an active verb is "I threw the ball." A passive verb would be "the ball was thrown to me."

The New Testament was written in Greek and translating Greek can be really tricky because the Greek also has something called the middle voice. So what's the middle voice? The middle voice is when the actor, the one doing the action, is doing it for some sort of benefit to him or herself. Why is that so important? Ephesians 1:4a says this:

"For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight." - Ephesians 1:4a

That action word there is "chose" and that word is in the middle voice. What does that mean? It means He chose you because it benefits Him. He chose you because in the act of choosing you, He is the one that reaps the rewards. You are Jesus's prize. He chose you! Not because you walked an aisle and prayed a prayer because He chose you before all that. Why? Because He loves you so much! Because you delight Him and I want you to know something.

He has no chooser's remorse with you. He knew every mistake you would make before you make it and before you even made it. He still chose you and it fills His heart with joy.

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