The #1 Complaint Against Jesus

The religious people of Jesus's day had one major complaint against him. It was simply because he would eat with tax collectors and sinners. That was very, very offensive to them and my question for you today is have you ever wondered why Jesus did that? I mean, the easy answer is He wanted to include them, right? However, science says there's something more to it.

There was a big research study released in late 2019 that shows when two members of opposing camps sit down and share a meal before they negotiate, they are more likely to cooperate, listen to the other side, and leave satisfied when they share a meal together. I just have to think that Jesus, being God, knew what He was doing because He did have an agenda with them. He wanted to include them in the Kingdom of God. He wanted to show them that His way was the better way.

I think that's a good word for us today because we live in such a divisive time. What would it look like if instead of throwing stones and getting so angry and talking about groups behind their back, what if we sat down and shared a meal? If your end game is to share Jesus (it always should be), then the way to their heart just might be through their stomach.

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