Texas Judge's New Youth Program—Jobs not Jail

We've all seen friends stuck in a cycle of trouble, right? I was one of those kids. But then, something incredible happened—a ray of hope in the form of Judge John Phillips and his revolutionary approach: Jobs, Not Jail.

I was Anthony—a kid teetering on the edge of a dark future until this program changed everything. They didn't just offer jobs; they gave me mentors who believed in me, who listened when no one else did. For the first time, I felt hope.

What's remarkable is that it's not just about avoiding jail; it's about believing in us. Judge Phillips looked at our potential, not just our mistakes. And it works—85% of us never get in trouble again after this program.

I'll never forget the moment someone said, "I'm proud of you." Those words from Rancho Cielo echoed inside me, sparking a sense of pride and worth I never knew existed.

Listen to Texas Judge's New Youth Program—Jobs Not Jail

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