Staying Safe At The Pool

Hey there! It's H-O-T hot outside, perfect for some pool fun. If you're hitting the pool like these kids, here are some quick tips for a safe and fun swim season:

  1. Eating Before Swimming: Heard you shouldn't swim 30 minutes after eating? It's a myth! If you get a cramp, you're probably dehydrated, not because you just ate.
  2. Arm Floaties: Those cute arm floaties? They can come off easily and aren't reliable. Always stay within arm's reach of your child, even if they're using floaties, and never take your eyes off them.
  3. Swimsuit Colors: For safety, neon colors are the best. Light blue and white blend into the water, while dark colors can look like debris. Neon stands out and is easier to spot.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe at the pool! 🌞💦

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