Staying Cool In This Heat!

You may love the heat, but it doesn't love us back. Your body shouldn’t be too hot for too long, as too much heat can harm your brain and other organs. Please click this link for some great tips: National Institutes of Health

The experts say to: drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine. Get out of the sun and into a cool place. If you have to work outside, use a cold washcloth on your neck or wrists. Dress for the weather, choosing light-colored, loose fitting clothing. Close your window shades, or block windows especially those that face direct sunshine. It can help cool your home by 30%, and help with your electric bill too. Turn your thermostat up a few degrees if your home is empty. Take a cold or cool shower if you're feeling overheated. 

Here are the warning signs of heat-related illnesses:

From the Centers for Disease Control

If you have a dog: A dog can overheat, and suffer from dehydration or heatstroke just like a human can. These are some early warning signs if your dog is suffering in the heat. Signs of a dehydrated dog include sunken eyes and dry mouth, gums and nose. Poor skin elasticity is another dehydration symptom, which you can test by gently pulling up on the skin at the back of your dog’s neck. Ice cubes in their water does help, but make sure you're monitoring your pup because ice can be a chocking hazard. And hot pavement can injure your dogs paws. On a day where it's 100 degrees heat index, that pavement can hit 160-170 degrees and ulcerate their pads and create more heat exhaustion, heat stroke issues as well. So keep it real early in the morning and really late in the evening.

The weather in North Texas is a blessing with so many sunny and warm days, but it can also be dangerous. Please be safe.

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