Sonny Health Update

Hi, it’s Sonny. If you’ve been praying for me as I take my healing journey through prostate cancer, thank you! The Spirit of the Lord was with me in such a beautiful way, before, during, and after my procedure on Tuesday, October 3rd.

Every time fear popped up, faith just washed over it time and again.

I just had my post-op check up this past Tuesday at the 2-week mark, and my doctor said that my healing now is where he was hoping I would be at six weeks! That I am well ahead of schedule, and that in fact, my progress is “spectacular!”

I told him it’s because I am covered in prayer and that I continued to read Bible verses, listen to praise and worship music, and chose faith over fear anytime it tried to read it’s ugly head. He said, “well obviously that’s working.”

Amen! And to God be all the glory!

I hope to encourage you if you are going through a rough journey right now. Please believe that God is also ahead of you leading, above you, besides you, behind you, below you, and within you. You. Are. Covered.

With His love,


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