Some Things You Can't Control. This One You Can.

I suppose every day, and every moment of every day, we have choices to make, and it gets exhausting sometimes.

But there is a daily choice we need to make. It is crucial. Most other choices will flow from this choice. Are we going to focus on our trials, or focus on trusting God for his promises in those trials?

Will we coddle the fear?

No, we cannot keep fear from coming up, it is an emotion. But when we hang onto it and dwell on it and ruminate on it – it moves into more of a CHOICE.

What is the other option?

Cling to faith.

Rehearse the thoughts of insecurity or remember who we really are.

There is a River whose Streams make glad the city of God. Psalm 46 talks about this. He is your strength and your refuge today. Make that choice that yes, the problems are there, but so are the promises which are greater.

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