She couldn't see the concert, but saw her pain.

If you have ever gone to a concert with a big crowd, there's a chance that someone may have stood and blocked your view of the stage.

That's what I noticed at the recent Danny Gokey concert at Sunnyvale First Baptist Church. The woman sitting next to me tried leaning to the left to see around the woman standing in front of her, but then the woman standing moved to the left, same when the woman sitting next to me leaned right, the woman moved right, over and over again until the woman sitting next to me got up and tried sitting on the steps. Guess what happened? Yup, the woman standing moved to block her view, again!

The woman who was trying to sit was aggravated and just threw up her hands... but then something good happened.

Please take a listen to how God changed the heart of the frustrated woman who WAS sitting next to me.

Listen to I Don't Think I'll Ever Forget This Moment Between 2 Complete Strangers

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