Remembering When You First Fell in Love With Jesus

I want to share my friend Dave's incredible journey with you. Dave's been through the wringer lately, and it led him to a place where he doubted God's existence.

It all started back in 1990 when Dave's life fell apart. His marriage ended, and he lost everything, including his job. He hit rock bottom, questioning God's plan and existence, crying out for answers.

But in that darkness, something remarkable happened. Dave felt a warmth, a comforting presence—he knew it was God. He hadn't shared this for over 40 years until recently when he confided in me, struggling with his faith.

I reminded Dave of that moment when he first felt God's love—a love that hasn't changed. His story taught me that even in our lowest moments, God's presence is unwavering.

So, if you're wrestling with your faith, remember Dave's story. Even in the darkest times, God finds us, embracing us with His love. His presence is real, constant, and waiting for us to rediscover it.

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