Practice The Pause

The discipline of pause is the practice of creating small spaces of time to step away from “doing” and simply “be” during the course of your day. These small spaces of time are different from the “time on task” activities that often measure our days. Sacred “pauses” allow us to breath and refresh our souls as we are reminded again of the presence of God, the gift of loving relationships, and our identity as beloved sons and daughters of God.

Solitude teaches us the benefit of intentional withdraw to become present to God, to others, and to ourselves. Despite all the texts, tweets, and social media, genuine human connection seems elusive these days. Intentional withdraw for momentary prayer creates a pause allowing us to reset our focus to see and be present with others.

Stillness teaches us restraint. It frees us from the deception that our busyness and productivity make our work indispensable. Slowing our lives down and becoming still before God enables greater discernment regarding what appropriate engagement looks like going forward.

While the world frantically seeks to make sense of a chaotic and uncertain world, followers of Jesus find rest and refreshment for our souls as they encounter God through moments of solitude, silence, and stillness.

So let's practice the pause. When in doubt, pause. When you're angry, pause. When you're stressed out, pause. When you're tired, pause. And when you pause, pray.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." - Ecclesiastes 3:1

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