Plano girl loses her doll in Tokyo, but then...

If you like stories of people going out of their way to show kindness, I believe you'll like this.

Valentina Dominguez is a 9-year-old who thought she'd lost her "best friend" forever when she accidentally left her on a plane in Tokyo. Valentina, whose family lives in Plano, was devastated. Her best friend happens to be an American Girl doll named Beatrice.

Lost forever? Nope, because after their story was passed around, James Danen of Richardson saw it. He just happens to be a First Officer with American Airlines!

"It's my nature. I like helping people... that's just what I like doing." James has been flying with American since 1993 and just so happens to fly to Tokyo often. "I was really glad I could do something nice for somebody," he said. So James visited the lost and found, collected Beatrice in Tokyo, and hand delivered her back to Valentina in Plano.

See for yourself:

A little kindness that went a long way! 

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