Once homeless, Derrick now has a job and a car!

If you remember the story, Derrick Mounter was a young man homeless in Lewisville. On a freezing morning, Doug and Kylie Evans noticed Derrick sitting all by himself in 12 degree temperatures, so they asked if the could take him to McDonald's to warm up. Problem was, the dining room was closed, it was drive-thru only due to the temps. But Paloma Robles was the manager on duty and recognized the dire situation and allowed Derrick, Doug, and Kylie to come in. 

After chatting with Derrick, Paloma offered him a job! On the spot! Even though Derrick didn't have a car, he walked to work and showed up 15- minutes early everyday! 

Derrick & Paloma

Inspired by his work ethics, Frank Kent Motors then stepped in and helped to give Derrick a car!

Derrick's new car

By-the-way, love the fact that McDonald's manager Paloma Robles is a KCBI listener who shared these pictures.

Derrick signing the paperwork

You can hear the rest of the story here: 

Listen to Derrick's car

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