Meet the widow who shares love at Walmart.

Some people just walk by the Walmart greeters and go about their business. But that's nearly impossible to do when that greeter is 86-year-old Mary Ruth Robinson. She hopes to be the reason you forget about your shopping stress.

"You can catch her going in, and then you can catch her going out," said shopper Patsy Smith. “You don’t find somebody like her every day anymore,” shopper Ted Holcomb said. “She’s just always smiling,” added shopper Dorothy Holcomb.

But Mary Ruth wasn't always smiling.  “I can’t hardly talk about it,” she said. Her husband of 60-years died after a long grueling bout with Parkinson’s. “My father Jackie was bedridden for 5 years,” her daughter, Julia Jaddock explained. And to make matters even harder... “He died on our anniversary,” added Mary Ruth.

Jackie and Mary Ruth Robinson at the beginning of their 60-year journey.

Some of the love Mary Ruth is now missing at home, she’s getting at work, as you can see in this video:


Mary Beth said her goal is become the oldest living Walmart employee. Go get em' sis! 

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