It's a Christmas inflatable battle in Plano!

What happens when you want to have the biggest inflatable Christmas display and your neighbors try to outdo you? WAR! Of the friendly type, between the Tallos and Buchanan families.

The families live across from each other on Port O'Call Ct in Plano, and take part in a friendly, neighborly duel to see who can "out-Christmas" who.

"This is the craziness that is our front yard," said Katie Tallos, who has been decorating the front yard with inflatables with her husband Gregory. It is a tradition that first started eight years ago. "We're just trying to bring a little spark to the dark," she said.

"When I saw [theirs], I'm like, 'OK!'" said Brenda Buchanan. "We're just trying to see who can out-do who."

The Tallos family has a Facebook page for their holiday decorated home. They've also organized for donations to help local charities like Minnie's Food Pantry.

You can enjoy their battle here:

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