If you have ever felt guilty about saying no to someone in need, I'm right there with you.

If you have ever felt badly about telling someone in need that you don’t have any extra money, I’m right there with you. I walk down to the Post office often here in downtown Dallas, and had an older gentleman who asked if I could give a donation for a copy of Streetzine which offers financial opportunities to homeless and economically disadvantaged individuals… I told him that I didn’t have any money and he said, "that’s okay sir, may God bless your day in all you do" and he handed me a magazine for free. 

May I be honest? I felt some kinda way because I did have $5 on me that I could’ve easily given him, and as I was walking I kept thinking about going back, but I didn’t. But then I felt convicted because I started to think of all of the times I ran to God, needy, begging, pleading… and every single time He’s given to me.

Listen to God Used This To Plant A Seed In My Heart...

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