He didn't have a ride to his graduation, so he walked 6 miles!

It’s graduation season and a lot of people are talking about Xavier Jones who wanted to make sure he could cross the stage for his 8th grade graduation. He had a ride, but his grandfather’s car broke down. So, with holes in his shoes, Xavier, his brother and another friend walked the 6 ½ miles! 

After hearing about Xavier's determination to walk 2 ½ hours to Harris Stowe State University, where the ceremony was being held, the president of that school, Dr. Latonia Collins Smith blessed the straight A's student with a full ride college scholarship! 

But wait, there's more. St. Louis native and Miami Dolphin Terron Armstead was so impressed that he donated an electric bike to Xavier, and a mini van to the Jones family so they could all get around.

Congratulations Xavier! Way to be an example to others.

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