Great Coincidence or Ordained By God?

If you need a reminder that God is with you, I hope you experience something like I did on Friday. It was my last radiation treatment, and I got to ring the bell. Thank you, Lord! My daughter suggested we celebrate, so I decided we should go to McKinney, despite it being an hour's drive with traffic.

So, my wife, daughter, and mother-in-law joined me on this trip. We ended up at a restaurant called Rockfish Grill. Our waitress introduced herself, saying, "You can call me Susie or Fred, but my real name is Angie." My family and I looked at each other in shock—my mom’s name was Susie, and my dad’s name was Fred. What a coincidence!

The hostess then came over and, upon learning we were from Mesquite, offered us a free appetizer to ensure we’d return to McKinney. Her name was Sonny. It felt like such a divine moment.

At the end of our meal, I thanked Angie for her excellent service. She shared that she is a cancer survivor. I told her that I had just finished my last radiation treatment that day and had rung the bell. Angie gave me a big hug, and it truly felt like a hug from God.

God’s presence was so clear in those small, meaningful moments. It was a beautiful reminder that He is always with us.

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