God Uses Us In Unexpected Ways

God can use you in really unexpected ways. It happened for Brittany and her toddler son, Ethan. They were blowing bubbles in the backyard when some floated off towards the fence. So Ethan went running after them and he starts yelling back, "feet, mommy feet". She's thinking, "What is he talking about?" So she walked towards them and crouched down to his level and look through this fence into the woods and sure enough, there was a pair of feet.

It was an elderly woman who was lying down. She has Alzheimer's and had been missing for four days because she had wandered off from her home. Even after 4 days away, she was still alive and ended up being okay, but they don't think she would've ever been found if it weren't for Ethan seeing her.

It makes you wonder from his low vantage point as a little guy that he had the perfect perspective to find her. Once again, God uses us in unexpected ways.

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