God Sees You

This week, the staff of KCBI got to participate in a team building event where we all attended a Texas Rangers game where they played the Houston Astros. It really was a fun event to be a part of as the staff got to bond like never before. Especially with the new stadium, many of us had never had a chance to see the new Globe Life Field so it was a great opportunity for all of us. Not to mention, the indoor A/C of the baseball game was incredibly nice considering how hot it would've been at the old stadium.

One element of a major league baseball game that often excites fans has to be the jumbotron. Being on the giant screen is the desire for so many in the stadium who want to make a small appearance on it for just a few seconds in front of thousands of people. In light of people's excitement over this, Caryn was actually reminded of Psalm 139 as she thought about our base desire to be seen.

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