God, do You know what You're doing?

You’ve heard it said. Many times. “Don’t worry!”

Just like that. Don’t worry. Even Jesus said so. Therefore, it’s true.

Honest question: How doable is this? How helpful it is to just tell people, "Hey, don't worry”.

If it were that easy, wouldn’t all of us just stop worrying? Like, now?

What might be a little more helpful is to examine more closely the question -- “what is worry?”

There are a lot of different answers to that question, but one of the better definitions I have seen is:

Worry is the belief that God is somehow not going to get things right.

When I say it out loud like that, it becomes more obvious how absurd worry can be. Because God ALWAYS gets it right. So maybe calling worry out for what it is will help me to stop. –

Do you really believe down deep God's going to get and make things right in your life? Even if that day is not today?

Because he is. He promised.

Listen to God, do You know what You're doing?

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