God Can Handle Your Doubts

As we grow up as children, we learn at a young age how to critically think about things. We want to make sense of the world around us, and if something does not fit logically or scientifically, we approach it with caution, even skepticism. So why is it different when it comes to our relationship with God?

How can we truly love the Lord with all our minds if we remain blind in our faith? Contrary to what we've heard, we are not called to have blind faith in God because we have a reason to believe in the faith that we have. This type of deep faith in God doesn't come from blocking all doubt from our lives but rather asking the tough questions and seriously testing what we claim to believe. Faith is not the opposite of doubt, it is the pursuit in the midst of it.

Of course, God is much bigger than our brains and our capacity to understand, which complicates things when we attempt to make sense of the One who breathed life into us. But this does not mean we should not try.

Craig Groeschel articulates this point well when he said:

"God would rather have you run to Him with your questions than run from Him with your doubts."

It is completely normal and acceptable to doubt, especially when we don't understand everything fully. The problem arises when we settle for easy answers rather than wrestle for real truths. Christianity comes from a tradition of wrestling with God. That’s what the name 'Israel' means (Genesis 32:22-32), after all — wrestling with God and people. Struggling in our doubts is deeply ingrained within our faith tradition, history, and heritage.

God welcomes your doubts because in His mysterious love, He wants the real you to know, love and honor the real Him. Naturally, that takes a lifetime of mutual pursuit which will undoubtedly involve asking questions along the way. We can rest assured that God is not threatened by our doubts or annoyed that suffering prompts us to ask questions. God cares about our uncertainties as much as He cares about our moments of courage, sorrow and joy.

May we continue to wrestle, asking the tough questions and learning all we can in order to understand God more each day.

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