Flaws + Honesty = Flawsome

I think all of us are looking for connection.

Some of us will try to find that on social media. Maybe these days, that’s the most common way we try to connect with others.

But, there are a few things that can get in the way of real connection. One happens on social media a lot.

If I put a veneer or gloss over myself to hide what I really don’t like about myself, or what I think YOU won’t like – if I try to make myself look better than I really am or just like a less flawed version – connection becomes difficult if not impossible. Social media – as fun as it can be – really encourages this.

I’m learning that the first step is to just drop the veneer...take the filter off...be a little humbler and kinder to myself and others.

Then, often, people feel they can connect with me more. When I’m not trying to be so Insta-Worthy.

Another beautiful thing about doing this: it takes the pressure off everyone.

Listen to Flaws + Honesty = Flawsome

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