Family Loses Daughter But Finds Her Journal to Jesus

Sometimes, even in the hardest times, something beautiful can come out of it. This is what’s happening for one family after a terrible accident. Lucy was a six-year-old girl who passed away while on vacation with her family earlier this month. Her family is heartbroken and grieving deeply.

Lucy's dad is a pastor, and she grew up in the church. Just a month before she passed, Lucy asked her mom how to be with Jesus and get saved. Her mom explained, and Lucy, being very independent, prayed on her own to ask Jesus into her heart.

After she passed, her family found a journal she had been writing in. Lucy had written things like, "God is amazing. He died on the cross for our sins. God loves me so much." She had also drawn pictures of Bibles and her family. It was as if God was speaking through her.

Even though they are in great pain, Lucy’s family finds comfort in knowing she is with Jesus and that they will see her again someday. This brings them a sense of peace amidst their grief.

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