Choosing Faith Over Fear In Tough Times!

If you're going through a scary time with your health, I know how you feel. I've shared that I'm going through my own journey through cancer and got a chance to ring the bell recently! I'm cancer free... for now.

My dear friend Sarah is not free of cancer. She shared:

Peace. There is a peace that comes in taking your hard and handing it, palms up, to Jesus. The sweet release and gratitude that comes through suffering. At this point, I would consider myself a professional cancer survivor. 147 iv's, ports, and blood draws in 2 years, 3 organs down 57 friends that have passed away, 4 trips to Hope4Cancer in Mexico with the 5th booked for the fall-- and dozens of oncology visits in Houston and Greenville 26 MRI's, CT's PET scans and ultrasounds A life-changing major abdominal surgery. Here is the update: my last 4 rounds of bloodwork have gotten progressively worse. Today, I walk in with confidence that for the first time in a year, my tumor markers will drop, in Jesus name.

These are not skills I wanted when this all started at 42 years old. But here is the thing about a trial... it brings you to a place of humility. It slows you down. You look up. You either choose the peace of Christ or you choose fear and anxiety. You release or you tighten your grip. You learn complete surrender and trust or you are crushed by the situation emotionally. I am not defined by a blood test, a diagnosis, a pathology report, a "risk of recurrence", or the words of an oncologist-- but by a great big God who every day teaches me to walk by faith and look at Him. This is what peace feels like.

Praying for Sarah

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