Breaking Up With Anger

If you're ready to break up with getting mad, yelling at people, and then feeling bad about it afterwards for days on end...welcome to my world.

I think I've overreacted to a situation in my life once or twice or...hundreds of times. I remember a time not so long ago when I felt threatened or challenged, my emotions immediately went to a 10. Through God's grace, he's allowed me to count on him to learn some patience and some grace, but today, I was put to the test.

I was in the drive-thru getting some coffee and when the young man at the window goes to hand me my drink, it suddenly became too hot for him to handle and he accidently popped the top off of it. The coffee poured all over my hand and on my car. He just looks at me ready to get screamed at.😳 Don't get me wrong I was hot (literally and figuratively😡) but I knew it was just an accident. What do I gain from yelling at kid who already feels bad about what he did? It doesn't make me feel better and it sure doesn't make my hand feel any better. So I just told him I'm glad we were both okay and asked if I could a napkin to clean up.

Lord, please keep showing me your grace. You know I need it.


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