Brands that remind you of your childhood!

Many of us have our childhood memories come to life when we see something from our past. A recent survey looked at the top brands that remind us of our childhood, and here are the top ten:

1. Nintendo 2. LEGO 3. Play-Doh 4. Hot Wheels 5. Monopoly 6. Disney #7. is kinda KOOL. Hastings, Nebraska just installed a six-foot statue of the Kool-Aid Man. It's where Kool-Aid was invented in 1927.

Kool-Aid Man Statue in Nebraska
Oh Yeah!

8. Mattel 9. Nerf and 10. Hasbro

Here are a few more that made the top 25: Slinky . . . Toys "R" Us . . . Silly Putty . . . McDonald's . . . Ice Pops . . . Big Wheels . . . Fruit Roll-Ups . . . Milton Bradley . . . Lincoln Logs . . . and Super Soakers. 

For me it's cartoons, like the Flintstones and Kimba (The White Lion) which many people don't seem to know, so just think Lion King because the similarities between Kimba and Simba are way too many to ignore.

What's yours?

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