Before The Afters! A chat with group founder Josh Havens.

Did you know the group The Afters actually began in a Mesquite Starbucks? Yup, Josh Havens and Matt Fuqua just started jamming for customers and before you knew it, they're traveling and singing the praises of the Lord worldwide!

Well these North Texas men are coming home for our Faith, Hope, Love Celebration concert THIS Saturday at 6p, St. Andrew Methodist Church in Plano along with Meredith Andrews. It's actually a return for The Afters who last year helped us raise 1,500 pair of shoes for DFW kids in need. They hope to raise 2,000 pair this year so Buckner International can bless even more kids. 

To get in, just donate a new pair, or two, of shoes and enjoy the music, games, and treats inside the air-conditioned St. Andrew's sanctuary for free. Just let us know you're coming by reserving a free ticket here.

Don't miss it THIS Saturday!

You can more in my chat with Josh below:

Listen to Celebrating Faith, Hope, And Love with The Afters' Josh Havens

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