A wrong text that began a love story.

If you like Lifetime network stories, they seem so unreal, a meet-cute where people on opposite sides of life somehow connect. 

Kinda like Brenda Rivera who sent a Bible verse to a number she thought was a friends, Isaiah Stearns replied, "Amen to that, but who is this?" Brenda apologized for bothering him but Isaiah responded that the Bible verse lifted his day and made him smile and that he’d love to call Brenda. Of course she was a little weirded out by this stranger wanting to call but she talked to him and found out he lived near her mother and sister. They became Facebook friends and Brenda thought Isaiah was cute but not the type of guy she would normally date but they hit it off so well that she arranged a lunch date for her MOTHER to meet Isaiah! 

Afterwards her mother said, "Brenda, you’re going to marry this guy." Well Brenda Rivera Stearns and Isaiah Stearns will celebrate their 13-year wedding anniversary this June along with their 6 adorable children. Now that’s a meet-cute!

You can read their full love-story here.

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