A Dallas restaurant giving kids a second chance.

When I saw this feature on Good Morning America today, I had to check to see how far it was from our studios. 

See, the place is Cafe' Momentum,  a Dallas restaurant that doubles as a nonprofit professional training facility for kids impacted by the juvenile justice system. The restaurant is a living example of its motto, "Eat, drink, change lives."

Chad Houser, owner of Café Momentum, told "Good Morning America" he created "a movement to change the model for youth justice." "This team is here to make sure you guys are successful -- and that you feel like you're being set up for success," Houser said, speaking directly to the young people in his program.

He also said that the program support from the community level "sends a message to those young people that they matter and that they believe in them. And that allows our young people to really go from a life of survival to a life of thriving."

Chad's program has been so successful that he's opened two more restaurants with plans to go nationwide, and what happened on Good Morning America could help:

"We're on 'Good Morning America' today with over 1,000 young people hearing the country telling them they believe in them ... I can't even put into words, it's incredible," Chad said.

BTW, Café' Momentum is an easy walk from our studios, just .4 miles away. To say that I'll be visiting is an understatement. Way to go, Chad!

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