A Beautiful Truth From ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Picture Credit: ABC

Do you remember the first time you saw “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Special? Can you believe it came out in 1965??

There’s a lot to love about it but there’s this part in the movie where Linus tells the other characters about the true meaning of Christmas by reciting the story of Jesus’ birth from Luke 2. If you know anything about Charlie Brown and specifically the character Linus, he always carries around a blanket for security. About 40 seconds into his speech, he gets to the part where he says “..Fear Not…”, he drops the blanket. He let go of it.

The message is simple, yet brilliant. The birth of Jesus separates us from our fears. So this Christmas season, you no longer have to cling to the metaphorical blanket you carry to deal with your insecurities because through Christ, you can walk in strength.

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